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Gigantic Mastering

Gigantic Mastering is a professional music mastering studio in Albany, New York and is ran by mastering engineer Mike Schoonmaker. We provide professional, fast and affordable Mastering not only for local clients, but with our Online Mastering Services, to artists world wide.

Our Online Mastering Service

Our Online Mastering Service is a great choice for any artist. We not only have our own secure and easy to use file transfer system, but offer 100% free and no commitment sample masters for all customers. All of our work done strictly on a "Pay When You're Happy" basis, no deposits, no worries.

Unlimited Revisions On Every Project

Need to submit a new mix of a song for mastering? Just want a tweak on a test master?

Every song we do is done for a flat rate, no additional anything for new mixes or revisions on our part. Ever. We want you to be happy with your songs as well as our work.

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Online Mastering Service, To Your Taste

We want your input before the project even starts, as we're only here to get your tracks sounding exactly how you want them.

Especially for unattended online mastering sessions, reference material and directives are always appreciated to send us in the direction of that sound you want.

Either send us the artist and song title for a track or two you have in mind or more explicit directions like “Keep it dynamic” or “Fat Low End, Please.”

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Hybrid Analog and Digital Mastering

Like all mastering engineers these days, Gigantic Mastering works with Analog and Digital gear to deliver a wide variety of tones and sounds, depending on the project.

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Online Mastering Service for Indie Rock, Dubstep, Metal, EDM, Folk, We Master It All

Mike Schoonmaker, the mastering engineer at Gigantic Mastering has 10+ years of experience working with a wide variety of artists from a wide variety of genres. From touring on an international level as a sound engineer with indie rock, electronic and metal groups to working as an engineer at one of the country's most notorious singer/songwriter venues in Los Angeles he's seen and heard it all. And that doesn't include the wide variety of artists he's worked with at Gigantic Mastering.

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Free Test Mastering?

Thats right, for every onlne mastering project we not only willingly provide, but insist upon doing a full song test master to ensure that you're happy with our work. Contact us to send a song for a test master. Online Mastering with no commitments, no hassle.

What Our Clients Think

Don't take our word, here's what our clients think of Gigantic Mastering's Work!

MikeFormula 5
...we really are grateful and feel that your work quality and timeliness was well beyond what we were expecting. We will be highly recommending you to anyone that asks.
Big shout out to @GiganticMaster for the awesome mastering job on "love is lost" Great guy who knows his sound!!!
EricThe Riot Scene
This is the best sounding recording I have ever been involved. Its amazing to have the opportunity to work with such talented people both in the band and outside. I want to thank you on behalf of the rest of the band that wasn't involved in the conversation for the end result.
I am extremely pleased with the mastering Mike performed on my latest album. ... Mike made the process very simple, and he achieved exactly what I was looking for in regards to the sound of the album. He was extremely flexible, and provided high quality quickly!