2016: So Much Music

2016 was a great year here at Gigantic Mastering, and a few of the fantastic albums I've worked on have come to some critical acclaim!  

Before we get there though I've been busy with some updates and new additions here in the studio...  Just to name a few:

  • TK Pro Audio TK-lizer - Added a great new Baxandall EQ for when some gentle touches are called for.  
  • Manley Vari-Mu Compressor, Chandler Limited Curve Bender EQ and Chandler Limited Zener Limiter and the Dangerous Bax EQ - Recreations of these added in the Software department.  
  • Gik Acoustics Additions - A few new tweaks acoustically to the room.  Namely, a little more bass trapping in the front of the room and some diffusion in the rear!  
  • Patch Bay - personally Hand Wired a fantastic XLR Point to Point patch bay for the growing Analogue gear collection.  

On to the Music!  

The Courtneys - ii

Released by Flying Nun Records

The Courtneys new record, 'II' has came out to quite the lineup of reviews! 

Pitchfork Release Mention
Pitchfork Album and Single Reviews
The A.V. Club Review
All Songs Considered Review
CBC Music Review

Out now on Flying Nun Records of New Zealand.

Listen or Buy! 

Girl Blue - I Am Not A Star

Released by Just Pretend Records

Girl Blue's debut record 'I Am Not A Star' came out to quite the excitement not only locally, but globally.  

Her first single, 'Fire Under Water' got a running start on Spotify!  

-Spotify US Viral Songs - #9
-Spotify Switzerland Viral Songs - #1
-Spotify Canadian Viral Songs - #11
-Spotify UK Viral Songs - #37
-Spotify Global Viral Songs - #25
Currently @ 2,000,000 Plays

Out now on Just Pretend Records


They Might Be Giants - Live In Brooklyn

Released by Idlewild Recordings


A gift to their loyal fan club, the album was recorded at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and released in July of 2016. 

This was the second live album I've done with TMBG, and it's always a blast. 


I"ve been doing a little bit of mixing on top of mastering...  Three records in the past year and going!  It's always a joy to have a little bit of a change of pace and get down and dirty on some great music.  

Patrick Ames - Four Faces

Cody Ray Slaughter and the Hillbilly Kats - '56 Live

Patrick Ames - Standard Candles

Thanks to all of you for a wonderful 2016, and here's looking out to a great 2017 already!