• Singles
  • $35
  • Per Track
  • Includes WAV, mp3, aac and flac versions
  • Full METADATA Embedding
  • Contact Us or Upload A File
  • Albums and EP's
  • $Per Project
  • Includes WAV, mp3, aac and flac versions
  • Full METADATA Embedding
  • Sequencing, Spacing and Transitions
  • Cue Sheets for CD Manufacturing
  • Contact Us or Upload A File
  • Vinyl Pre-Mastering Versions
  • +$15
  • Per Track w/ Digital Mastering
  • 48k, 24 bit File Delivery
  • Digital Files for Cutting Only
  • Vinyl Pre Mastering ONLY is $35/Track
  • Contact Us or Upload A File
  • Stem Mastering
  • $60
  • Per Track
  • Includes Up To 4 Stereo Stems
  • After 4 Stereo Stems, +$10 Per Stereo Stem
  • Contact Us or Upload A File
  • DDP File Sets
  • $50
  • $50 for Projects We Master, $75 for DDP ONLY
  • Send your duplicator an exact image of your CD, No Guess Work.
  • All Sequencing, Gaps, Fades are Pre-Defined
  • ISRC, UPC/EAN, CD Text
  • Contact Us or Upload A File
  • Forensic Audio
  • $35/Hour
  • Per Hour
  • Noise Removal, Voice Enhancement, Transcription
  • For Audio for Video or other uses.
  • Contact Us or Upload A File

All Mastering Includes

  • Artistic Audio Processing – Audio Mastering to suit the Artist’s Taste
  • Reference Masters via CD Quality WAV files, no mp3′s or streaming material!
  • AIFF or WAV File Delivery.
  • All Online Mastering experience.  Digital Transfers, no waiting on drives/CDs!
  • Pre/Post Song Gap Editing, Spacing and Sequencing on EP or Album Projects

Vinyl Pre-Mastering

If you’re planning on having issuing a Vinyl version of your EP or Album a separate Master is required for the process as modern Masters do not translate well to Vinyl.  These would actually be considered “Pre-Masters” and are a more or less identical version your master which is NOT limited, leaves ample headroom for a laquer disc to be made by a cutting engineer to work and is generally a digital file of a higher resolution than CD.

  • Vinyl Master in Addition to CD/Digital Master – + $15 per Track
  • Vinyl Master ONLY – $35 per Track

Note: We do not cut or produce vinyl in house.

DDP – Disc Description Protocol

DDP is a complete digital image of what your CD will be duplicated from, including audio, CD-Text for modern CD players and the appropriate spacing and or gaps between songs.

Why would you want a DDP File for your album?  Because it’s the easiest way to go from mastering to production.  No questions from the duplication company on information to go on the CD, just one file set to forward to them and you’re done!  It’s even possible for your Mastering Engineer to upload DDP File Sets directly to some duplication services!

DDP file sets will always be In Addition To any other files you receive from us, so you’ll still get WAV files as well as digital formats upon project delivery.

  • Discounts on CD’s or EP’s Mastered with Gigantic Mastering
  • $75  for CD’s or EP’s which were NOT mastered by Gigantic Mastering

Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering is available as well but please keep in mind for those who do not know: Please bounce your stems as they are in your mix and you are happy with the mix.  We will leave all stem’s playback levels exactly the same, and not do any ‘mixing’ with the stems.  Stem Mastering is to widen the options in Mastering as far as EQ or Dynamic choices and not in any way part of the mixing process.

  • Single Track Stem Mastering: $60/Song
  • All Stem Pricing is for up to 4 Stereo Stems
  • After 4 Stems Add $15 Per Additional Stereo Stem